Play Hide And Seek With The Other Sides Beer All While Having Deep Philosophical Conversations (Rough demo)

by Ashley Nicole

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The title is based on a dream I had. The lyrics are pretty obvious. Again, all songs should sound like they're being recorded on a pay phone in a desert into a tape recorder.


lyrics may vary
another drunken night I don't remember/sad sagittarius, born in november/on the last day, is this my last day alive?/instincts disappear and there's no will to survive/I used strive, to get points across and such/ now they've grown dull, I'm out of luck/my dreams are a joke and the punchline is me/laughing at problems,pain treats me seriously

a stack of apologies, this is getting old/ I'm merely repetition, a story that's been told/so many times and I've seen it in my life/the points grow sharp, cutting like a knife

thought we were gonna get wiser with age/torn apart by life and left with only rage/the desire to cut, yeah chop my wrist up/that's what you've come to expect from this drunk fuck up

a waste of a day, yeah I'm wasting away/gambling my life without a proper price to pay/stumbling on words I should have left in my head/trying to find a reason to not wake up dead/the list is getting small, smaller than me/wander through life in clouds of uncertainty/being pathetic starts to grow on me now/committing atrocities the next day wonder how


released June 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Ashley Nicole Illinois

Ashley Nicole is a bunch of sad songs that are recorded and performed poorly in a bedroom somewhere. The songs should sound like they were recorded on a payphone in the desert into a tape recorder.
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